Parenting Under Pressure

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We can help parents who need support with the following issues:

  • Parents living separately and parenting a baby or children under 5
  • Parents going through separation or divorce wanting to think about potential impact on their child/ren
  • Managing parenthood second and third time around
  • Intergenerational conflict in families
  • Becoming a grandparent and related issues
  • Medical concerns for the infant or toddler eg reflux, feeding issues and how to manage them
  • Worries about a child’s development eg delay in talking or walking
  • Oedipal struggles – being the preferred or rejected parent and what that brings up for the parent
  • Ongoing attachment issues between couple or in the parent-child relationship
  • Concerns that child is showing early signs of developmental delay eg ADD
  • Managing separations or childhood fears and phobias
  • Preparing a child for nursery or starting school
  • Parents struggling with fostering or adoption and related issues
  • Couples needing support with ‘blending’ families, becoming a step-parent
  • Supporting families with medical diagnoses for their children eg cystic fibrosis, cancer
  • Helping a bereaved child or children come to terms with loss