Dr Fiona Seth-Smith

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Fiona Seth-Smith has been a Lead Clinical Psychologist in an NHS inpatient Mother and Baby Unit since 2008. She has a background in work with both children and families and in adult mental health. Fiona is trained in family and couple therapy and in trauma therapy (EMDR). She is also an accredited CBT therapist (BABCP). Prior to her psychology training, Fiona was an art psychotherapist. Her interest in infant mental health, developmental psychology and research led her to re-qualify as a clinical psychologist at UCL in 2006. Fiona is now the lead trainer and supervisor of clinical psychologists and perinatal psychotherapists in several NHS community perinatal teams.

Fiona is a consultant perinatal clinical psychologist who has over 20 years of experience in work in a range of adult mental health problems including trauma, psychosis and OCD. Fiona works with families and couples. She is an accredited CBT therapist and is trained in EMDR, which is a highly effective approach to address, amongst many issues, birth trauma. Fiona enjoys providing high quality, evidence based therapies to women and men who face challenges in conception or in the complex process of transition to parenthood, including bonding difficulties.