Whatever your parenthood journey, wherever you are on the journey.

We are experts in working with individuals, couples and their bumps and babies in the transition to parenthood, and with parents of children up to 5 years of age.





We work collaboratively and inclusively with parents and parents-to-be to offer a range of tailor made therapeutic interventions for individuals, couples, and families and their children.

We are experts in offering psychological support to individuvals and couples with fertility issues, from starting treatment through to pregnancy and parenting after assisted reproduction.

We are a specialist team of psychologists and psychotherapists with decades of professional experience between us in perinatal settings, CAMHs, primary and secondary care and Early Years settings.

We offer appointments at discreet, family friendly venues across London and can offer therapy either face-to-face or by phone or Skype. We work with a range of other experts such as perinatal psychiatrists, GPs, midwives, Child and Adolescent psychiatrists and other health professionals to provide a virtual support team for prospective and new parents.


Mother of 1yr old baby

I went to Emily towards the end of my pregnancy, I was upset and anxious about becoming a mother. She was incredibly supportive and helpful in building up my confidence and getting to see things differently.

My baby and I went to see her for the last time a few weeks after the birth and I felt completely different to what I’d feared. I felt very loving and bonded to my son and I think things could have turned out very differently had I not worked with Emily prior to his arrival.

Mother expecting second baby

I saw Helena a year after a traumatic birth I had experienced with my first child. Helena helped me to overcome the distress I was feeling because of it. Naturally when I became pregnant again I contacted Helena to gain some support in the final months. Again, Helena was able to give me the support I needed and to not be so daunted about the second birth and the aftermath. She helped me to put it in perspective and to gain the confidence needed to make the experience more one that I was in control of. After the baby was born, I texted Helena to tell her how well it went and that the experience was as I had wished.

Mother of 2yo with reflux and feeding difficulties, following traumatic birth

I came to Avital about my daughter’s feeding difficulties. During the assessment, I felt able to speak for the first time about the birth of my child and the trauma I experienced. Avital’s approach was gentle and thoughtful and allowed me to think differently about my daughter’s feeding and the impact of my experiences on how I manage my own anxiety and the possible impact on my daughter.

Mother with postnatal anxiety

Over the past year Avi has helped me so much to manage my anxiety even a time when it has felt insurmountable. Most importantly, I feel understood and increasingly confident in expressing myself, knowing our dialogue will doubtless clarify my thoughts and feelings. There is a lack of pressure in our sessions which feel like a reassuringly safe place. My growing clarity of thought and reflection is thanks to our sessions and has helped me to carry on with my day to day life and the challenge it holds.

Mother of 2

I’m not sure where I would’ve been without the help and support of Julianne this year. Not only did she enable my recovery from previous birth trauma, but she empowered me to take control of the birth of my second son to the greatest extent possible and ultimately achieve the HBAC I longed for. Not only that, but working with Julianne has prompted reflection in so many other areas of my life that I feel I am now more equipped for motherhood overall. I am truly grateful for all the support and help she has given us.

First time parents seen as a couple with their baby

I was completely unconfident and scared that I wouldn’t be able to be a good mother and about how I would manage daily life the baby. My relationship with her wasn’t that strong. I wasn’t attached to her – you hear people say how they love their babies and it just wasn’t like that. And now I feel connected, I feel the bond between me and her. I’m more relaxed and confident and I know she loves me. It’s also improved our relationship as a couple. Fa: It wasn’t easy being a father for the first time, I didn’t have experience and I got a bit lost with her and worried if I was doing things right or wrong. Plus, there were difficulties in my situation – I was depressed and I couldn’t work. Before I was stressed so much. Ow its better than before. So much is changing and our conversations help me to calm down.

Couple with 2 children aged 3 and 5

We cannot thanks Julianne enough for helping us through a difficult time in our marriage. We came to her feeling vulnerable and broken. Julianne put us both at ease and gave us a safe place to talk and to share our perspectives on the challenges that we faced, Julianne is empathetic and warm and she was able to make us both feel equally heard and supported. She gave us skills to communicate effectively and to break negative patterns and behaviours. We became a team and with her help we were able to put in place tools to help us going forwards so that we became less reliant on her and stronger as a unit. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Male therapy client

Since seeing Ruth, this has helped turn my life around. Every time I now feel anxious and panicky I think about the tools she has given me and I feel more confident about getting through it. I also now have a clearer understanding of how I have been adding to my anxiety and depression. Her help is deeply appreciated.

Mother of twins

Sara Rance has been wonderful and has changed our lives for the better. Her support has been invaluable. I feel much more confident as a mother and as a person. As a family, we are much happier and my understanding of my twins and my relationship with each of them has improved.

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